EPA Regulations

The Quays Marina

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan


EPA                                          131 555

NSW HEALTH                         02 9391 1000

FIRE & RESCUE NSW             000

WORKCOVER NSW                131 050

PITTWATER COUNCIL           02 9970 1111

NSW WATER POLICE             02 9910 7899

DEPARTMENT OF LANDS     1300 052 637

RMS                                         132 213


 This is a well-versed topic on the waterfront. Communication among offshore residents and mainland is healthy and consistent.  Given our location and the obvious links to our offshore residents, as well as our mainland residents, our communication levels are higher than your average business.

We have newsletters which are sent out and our website displays the latest news on what is happening at the marina. We have numerous numbers on hand that can get extensive coverage across our community. We have two local ‘groups’ who would also assist us with the dissemination of information. The information is first sent by phone then a broader email data base is contacted. Scotland Island has its own emergency plan, which we effectively tap into.

The two local groups are:

SIRA, Scotland Island Residence Association. They are contacted on contact@scotlandisland.org.au 

BCPRA, Bayview Church Point Residence Association. They are contacted on bvcpra@gmail.com

Our direct neighbours, if in serious harm will be contacted directly by a Quays Marina employee, which will go to each resident and advise of the situation.

Please click to view our 4A Environmental Policy The Quays Marine Centre