EPA Regulations

 The Quays Marina PIRMP Public Information

  1. Overview

    The Quays Pty Ltd holds an Environment Protection Licence with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for The Quays Marina. In accordance with Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act), the holder of an Environment Protection Licence must prepare, keep, test and implement a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP).The Quays Marina PIRMP will be made available in hard copy at the premises so it can be made readily available to person(s) responsible for implementing the PIRMP and provided to an authorised EPA officer on request. The following sections provide information from The Quays Marina PIRMP that must be made publicly available.

  2. Internal Notification

    The Quays Marina contact details are available on the website (www.thequays.com.au) and are as follows:

    Marina Manager: Stephen Hosking – stephen@thequays.com.au
    Assistant Marina Manager: Dee O’Callaghan – dee@thequays.com.au
    Address: 1856 Pittwater Road, Church Point 2105 NSW, Australia
    Phone: 9997 2800

    Any person who becomes aware of an incident on site must report the incident verbally to Management immediately. This requirement is communicated to employees, contractors and tenants through the induction and ongoing emergency preparedness training procedures. Management shall assess the nature, extent and potential threat of the incident and activate the Emergency Response Team on site to commence emergency response procedures listed in The Quays Marina’s Emergency Response Plan (MAN-004) and Quick Reference Emergency Response Plan (FRM-057).

  3. Notification of Relevant Authorities
  4. If a pollution incident presents a risk of “material harm to the environment” as defined in section 147 of Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, the following procedure shall be implemented.

    1) The person responsible for Notifying Relevant Authorities is the Marina Manager (primary) and Assistant Marina Manager (in the event the Marina Manager is not available).
    2) The person responsible shall notify the relevant authorities (listed in the table below) as required. Notification is not required if the person responsible is aware that the incident has already come to the notice of each person or authority required to be notified.
    3) Immediate verbal notification is to be followed by notification in writing to each relevant authority within 7 days of the incident date as per section 101 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulations 2009.

Emergency Contact

Authority that must be notified of pollution incident (in order of notification)

Emergency Contact

Type of Emergency


Fire and Rescue NSW, Police,

Emergency Services Assistance


Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

Pollution/Environmental Incident 24 hours

131 555

Hornsby Public Health Unit (Northern
Sydney LHD)

Health Notification – ask for Public Health
Officer on call

9485 6911 (BH)
9477 9123 (AH-Hospital)

SafeWork NSW

Employee / Work Related Incident

131 050

Northern Beaches Council

Incident Notification

1300 434 434

Other organisation/agency that may require notification if affected

Emergency Contact

Type of Emergency


Sydney Water

Stormwater/Drains Pollution 24 hours

132 090

Transport for NSW /
Roads and Maritime

Vessel Pollution / Marine Incident

131 256

Road Incident and Hazard Reporting

131 700

Relevant information shall be provided to Authorities and others (listed in the above table) when notifying of a pollution incident in accordance with section 150 of Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

The following relevant information shall be provided:

1) The time, date, nature, duration and location of the incident.

2) The location of the place where pollution is occurring or is likely to occur.

3) The nature, the estimated quantity or volume and the concentration of any pollutants involved, if known.

4) The circumstances in which the incident occurred (including the cause of the incident, if known).

5) The action taken or proposed to be taken to deal with the incident and any resulting pollution or threatened pollution, if known.

If 3, 4 or 5 are not known at the time of notification, they are to be notified immediately after it becomes known.

  1. Notification of Neighbours and Community
    Where offsite environmental impacts and/or human health is threatened, the Emergency Response Team shall be enacted, and the following notification process shall be carried out to provide information, relevant to the incident, to affected persons.

1) All customers, visitors, tenants and contractors will be notified in person or by phone by the Marina Manager (primary) and Assistant Marina Manager (in the event the Marina Manager is not available) or delegated members of the Emergency Response Team (depending on the scale and level of emergency).

2) Surrounding community and businesses (offsite) shall be notified via website, social media and/or email (whichever is deemed more effective at the time) which shall be coordinated by Marina Manager (primary) and Assistant Marina Manager (in the event the Marina Manager is not available).

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

In the event of a notifiable incident, phone numbers for tenants and contractors are available to all employees and a hard copy is available in the Emergency Kit located in the Marina Office.

Customers will be emailed directly, or notifications can be sent out via SMS.

Local groups to be notified are:

• SIRA, Scotland Island Residence Association. – contact@scotlandisland.org.au; and
• BCPRA, Bayview Church Point Residence Association – bvcpra@gmail.com.